Masjid Projects are always free, the only fee is the credit card processing fee which is paid by the campaigner. Total fees are around 9% and are paid for by the nonprofit Beneficiaries. .  A fee of 6% is paid to Masjid Project Funder and a fee of 3%  is paid to PayPal.  Fees are only taken if the project is successful.  If the project isn’t successful, you pay nothing.  Unless explicitly noted on an individual project, all donations are fully tax deductible.

When a project is fully funded and the aggregate amount requested is paid to the nonprofit Beneficiary, a fee is paid by the nonprofit so we don’t go out of business. We try to keep our pricing as low as possible so your donation can have the greatest possible impact.  The fee cover Masjid Project Funder ’s costs associated with developing, maintaining and hosting the site, plus other value-added services so we can give you one of the best, most innovative fundraising platform in the country. The reason we charge the nonprofit is to make your donation 100% tax deductible. Compared to traditional ways of fundraising like direct mail or charity dinners, Masjid Project Funder is an inexpensive and efficient way to raise additional money for nonprofits.

Rules for All Donations

For all donations made on or through Masjid Project Funders , all Users agree that: (i) they will not use an invalid or unauthorized credit or debit card or other payment method; (ii) and they are solely responsible for selecting the correct nonprofit for fundraising, volunteering, donating, or registering.

Refunds for Donors and Donations

All refunds are handled exclusively by the nonprofit Beneficiaries. Masjid Project Funder is not responsible for handling or communicating a Beneficiaries’ refund policy or processing refunds. Beneficiaries agree that they are solely responsible for providing information concerning their refund policy. If you wish to seek a refund for a donation, you must communicate directly with the Beneficiary and not Masjid Project Funder . Beneficiaries acknowledge that Masjid Project Funder will not be liable, accountable or responsible in any way for anything related to refunds for donations, including without limitation, an error processing a refund, the failure to provide a refund, the failure of a Beneficiary to communicate about a refund, or any chargebacks related to a refund.

Working with PayPal™

Masjid Project Funder  is working with PayPal™ to make donating to your charities of choice easy, safe, and seamless. When you use the Site to make donations through PayPal, you agree that: (i) your donations will be processed through PayPal; (ii) PayPal will remit funds to the designated Beneficiary; and (iii) Beneficiary will send a thank you email and/or transaction receipt to all Donors.

Your Credit Card Privacy

PayPal™ is not affiliated with Masjid Project Funder and is not permitted to share your financial information, such as credit card information, with Masjid Project Funder without your consent. When you make a donation through PayPal™, Masjid Project Funder does not collect or store your credit card information. All donations processed through PayPal™ will be governed by the PayPal User Agreement and PayPal Privacy Notice.