Create A Campaign

Getting Started

  • Goal & Deadline

    Before you begin, decide how much you’ll need to raise in funding and how long your campaign will run. This cannot change after your campaign has launched.

    Fixed or Flexible Funding?

    At Masjid Project Funder, we let you decide how you want to raise funds. You can choose Flexible Funding to keep all the money that you raise, which is great for projects that will benefit from any amount. This is our most popular funding type. Or, you can choose Fixed Funding to only collect funds if you meet your goal, which is great for projects that can only continue if they raise a minimum amount.

  • Tell Your Story

    Tell people why your campaign deserves to be funded. Contributors fund ideas they’re passionate about and support people they trust. Introduce yourself and your background. Describe your project and why it’s important to you. Explain to contributors what you’re hoping to achieve. Keep it concise, yet personal. And be sure to include a pitch video!

    Add Team Members

    Campaigns with teams raise 80% more funds than those run by an individual. Invite people to join your team to expand your campaign audience.



  • What are Perks?

    A perk is something you offer people in exchange for their contribution. Perks give contributors an additional non-monetary incentive to support your campaign.

    Adding & Editing Perks

    You can add up to 20 perks when you create your campaign. You can remove and add new perks at any time. After your campaign has launched, you can only edit perks that have not been claimed. We recommend starting with 3 – 7 perks so that you have room to add more after you launch.

    Perk Ideas

    Perks should be personal, unique and offer a tangible benefit to your contributors. Share a secret family recipe, give discounts when your business is open, throw a party, or host a dinner. We recommend offering limited-quantity or limited-time-only perks to help spark interest and demand.

  • Pricing Your Perks

    Offer your contributors a range of perks at different levels. We recommend offering more perks at lower amounts. Many campaigns offering goods or services price their perks above the market value of the item. This helps contributors understand that they’re not just buying something; they’re investing in an idea. If you’re sending something in the mail, be sure to include the cost of shipping in the price of the perk.

    Sending Your Perks

    At the end of your campaign, you must fulfill any perks promised to your contributors. Collect their contact information on the ‘Fulfillment’ tab of your Dashboard. Send an update to let them know when their perks will arrive. For more on perk fulfillment, see the ‘After Your Campaign’ section below.

Share Your Campaign

  • Start Sharing Now

    Start telling people about your campaign before it’s launched. In person, through email, on social media, blogs or your website; just get the word out as soon as possible and keep them engaged. This helps turn the launch of your campaign into an anticipated event so that you can start raising funds on the first day of your campaign.

    Your Inner Circle

    The first 25% of your goal should come from your closest friends, family and fans. Your inner circle includes people who will support your project because they know and believe in you. Use your inner circle to jumpstart your fundraising effort and to spread the word about your campaign.

  • Share Tools

    Masjid Project Funder provides tools to help you share your campaign. On your campaign page in the box directly below your main pitch image, you will find links to share your campaign via email, social media or your website.

    Campaign Updates

    Post an update to your campaign every 1 – 5 days to keep everyone engaged and to increase your funding. When you post an update, it will automatically send an email to all of your contributors and fans. Updates can be posted during or after your campaign.


  • Pricing and Fees

    We don’t charge you any fees until you raise money. Masjid campaigns are always free only fee is the credit card processing fee. Our platform fee is 4% of funds raised if you meet your goal, or, 9% if you don’t. Fixed Funding campaigns that don’t meet their goal will not be charged anything. In addition to our platform fee, campaigns will be charged a 2-3% fee on each contribution for payment processing. Campaigns connected to our partners may have special fees. For more information about fees and pricing, see our Learn More section or our article on Pricing.

    Choose How Contributors Pay You

    Contributors can give money to your campaign using a credit card or PayPal account – it’s up to you whether you’d like to accept one or both types of payment. Let your contributors know they can use PayPal even if they don’t have an account set up. Keep in mind that campaigns offering tax-deductible perks can only accept funds through PayPal.

  • Masjid Project Funder accepts and disburses funds in U.S. U.S. Dollars. If your bank account is not in same currency as your campaign, you may be charged an exchange fee by your bank.

    Receiving Your Funds

    You can receive your funds in two ways. Funds raised through PayPal will be sent immediately to your PayPal account. Funds raised by credit card will be held until the end of your campaign and then disbursed to your bank account. If you reach your goal, you will also receive a 5% refund on fees charged to contributions in PayPal. It can take up to 2 weeks for your funds to arrive in your bank account after your campaign deadline.

Campaign Management

  • When is My Campaign Visible?Your campaign will not be visible to the public while it is still in draft mode. It will stay in draft mode until you agree to our Terms of Use, and click the ‘Go Live’ button to launch your campaign.
  • How to Be Featured

    Masjid Project Funder is a merit-based platform. The most active campaigns will be featured on our homepage, browse-by-category pages, blog, newsletter, and social media platforms. We don’t choose the campaigns that are featured; they’re selected based on our algorithm

    Deleting a Campaign

    Only campaigns that have not raised funds can be deleted. If your campaign launched too soon, and hasn’t yet raised funds, you can return your campaign back to draft mode from your account settings. .

After the Campaign

  • Thank Your Contributors

    After your campaign has finished, post an Update or send an email to thank your contributors. If possible, send each contributor a personal thank-you. You can find your contributors’ contact information on the Fulfillment tab of your Dashboard. Be sure to include information about when they will receive their perks and how to get in touch with you.


    We recommend that you send off your perks as soon as you receive a contribution. If this isn’t possible, try to send perks within a few days or weeks after your campaign has ended. Update your contributors to let them know when they can expect their perks to arrive. It’s vital to keep your contributors informed about the status of their perks, especially if your project falls behind schedule. Campaign owners are required by Masjid Project Funder’s Terms of Use to fulfill all perks that have been claimed. You can download a CSV with all perk amounts and shipping information on the Fulfillment tab of your Dashboard.

  • Post Updates After Your Deadline

    You can use the Updates section of your campaign page to email your contributors and fans after your campaign deadline. We recommend that you post updates on the status of your project, how you’ve used your funding, event announcements, and to share your plans for the future. This is a great way to maintain strong relationships with your audience on Masjid Project Funder.

    Launch a Follow-up Campaign

    You can launch multiple campaigns for the same project. We recommend launching follow-up campaigns for each new stage of your project.