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This youth centre is an initiative that was started by two young local Muslim men who recognised the inherent importance of such a facility in order to deal with current issues affecting the community. These issues were presented to the community by the local council as increased drug activity, alcohol abuse and a rise in criminal activity amongst residents of the municipality.

These young men sought to address these issues through the establishment of a youth centre in which people could train, socialise and more importantly be taught invaluable qualities such as discipline and effective community engagement. With God’s will they have been able to set this up and it is now operational and has been so for two weeks with reasonable success.

The Australian Islamic Youth Centre (AIYC) is there to help young people understand the world around them. Offering guidance and to advise young people with their future,to talk about the past and even help them with the present. In the future we will hold different sessions to educate young people about different topics regarding their health and worries.

The AIYC, is a place where young people can meet and participate in activities, designed to keep them on off streets and out of trouble. Encouraging our youth to maintain satisfactory grades in school and to emphasise the importance of keeping a proper relationship and balance between scholastic and athletic endeavours.


  • Boxing facility – the boxing facility allows the youth to work on a number of boxing skills with access to the latest professional strength equipment. Boxing is fun, it keeps your mind active and above all else it is a very effective method of getting fit.
  • Strengthening and conditioning- the purpose of the added Strength & Conditioning Facilities is to specialise in three main areas: Strength & Conditioning, Back Care and Fitness
  • Entertainment area- this includes billiards, air hockey, table tennis and tv. This is open on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • The different fitness classes to be held at the Australian Islamic youth Centre will be segregated with female classes in the morning  and males in the afternoon.

Within the first two weeks of running, the centre has been able to acquire over fifty memberships and with interest and awareness of the centre rising, this will number will only increase (Inshallah).

Nonetheless, all this great work and more cannot be accomplished unless we are financially competent. And for this reason we reach out to you to promote this project so that we may provide these crucial services that are lacking within our community as well as in the broader society.

‘Remember, we are a not-for-profit organisation operating for the sake of Allah and the sake of our community.’

May God bless you.

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