After Submitting a Project

You’ve submitted your project and its up and running. What do you do now?

YOU’RE NOT DONE!  Submitting the project is just the first half of the campaign. Now you have to make it successful. Here are some tips from the pros (thanks Kickstarter!)

Reach Out: A nice, personal message is the most effective way to let someone know about your project. Send an email to your supporters, funders, newsletter readers, board members, friends and family so they can be first to pledge, then use your organization’s blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account to reach everyone who’s paying attention. Don’t overwhelm with e-blasts and group messages, but be sure to remind your networks about your project a few times throughout the course of its duration. Take the time to contact people individually. It makes a big difference.

Use Our Social Media Tools: Not only do you need to preach to your choir, but your choir has to sing, meaning you’ll want your supporters to reach out to their own networks. That way, you’ll magnify your reach. For each campaign, you’ll see social media links just below the picture. Ask your supporters to use them. For example, if a supporter clicks on the Twitter icon, it will automatically write a tweet that they can post. All they’ll have to do is hit ‘post’. You can even embed your Masjid Project Funder campaign into your website or other blogs. Click on the “< >” icon, and get the HTML code.

Into the Real World: Don’t be afraid to take your Masjid Project Funder project out into the real world. Nothing connects people to an idea like seeing the twinkle in your eye when you talk about it. Host pledge parties, print posters or flyers to distribute around your community, and organize meetups to educate people about your endeavor. Be creative!

Get Headlines: Contact your local newspaper, TV, and radio stations and tell them about your project. Seek out like-minded blogs and online media outlets to request coverage. Writers are always looking for stories to write about, and the media has a big soft spot for DIY success stories.

Project Updates & Momentum Building:  Project updates serve as your project’s blog. They’re a great way to share your progress, post media, and thank your backers. Posting a project update automatically sends an email to all your backers with that update.  Try to make them more than just “hey thanks, we’re almost near our goal.” While your project is live and the clock ticking, treat your project like a story that is unfolding and update everyone on its progress. “Pics from last night’s show!” or “We found a printer for our book!”  You can post updates by logging in to Masjid Project Funder , and then go to your campaign’s page.  Above the picture/video, there will be a button that says “Edit Campaign”.  Click on that.